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Arrow 7

This is such a wonderful holiday! Everyone looks absolutely lovely in their costumes! I'm truly having fun, seeing what everyone is dressed as. There are so many sweet children running around, as well! It seems that they're looking for treats, so I made a few batches of cookies to share with the little ones. I believe I went a bit overboard, however... I ended up with more than I planned! I simply don't know what to do with all the extra cookies. Would anyone like to help me with this problem?

[Private; hackable by friends]
So it was true, then... not that I'd ever doubt Lord Pent's words, but to remember it myself is comforting. Erk isn't our child by birth after all. That doesn't change anything, of course... but now some things make a bit more sense. No wonder he's so formal around us, even now.

I remembered the time when he was so sick, he nearly died. I don't think I had ever been so frightened before or since. He was so pale, so weak... I thought for sure we were going to lose him. I stayed by his side night and day, nursing him back to health... I'm eternally grateful that he recovered.

[Private; hackable by Pent]
My dear boy... I hope you've returned home safely. It hasn't been easy, accepting that you're no longer here with us... but you always were independent and solitary, weren't you? I know you can take care of yourself, but as a mother I can't help but worry... You have a tendency to push yourself far too hard, and to work yourself until you collapse. You must remember to eat properly, and to rest, and to... [There's some smudges here, as if something wet fell and smeared the ink.] ...love you, no matter what, and always will.

I'm sure you're keeping the house safe for us, for whenever Lord Pent and I return. Thank you, Erk. I look forward to the day when we can be together as a family once again.

((1% on Pent bringing Erk home; 1% on adopting Erk; 2% on him being sick and nursing him back to health; 1% on Erk leaving on sabbatical to improve his magic. 18% total; 0% remaining.))

((Louise is dressed as Demeter, the Greek Mommy!Goddess of grain and fertility. She pretty much looks like this, with poppy flowers pinned randomly through her hair.))

Arrow 6

Lady Winry is gone. I awoke one day to find that all of her belongings vanished without a trace. Sure enough, her name is no longer on the apartment list. It's lonely, not having her around... she was such a lively and intelligent young lady, always tinkering away with her inventions. She truly brightened up the room, and now that she is no longer here, it feels so very empty.

My thoughts are with her, as well as anyone that knew her here. I am sure that she has gone back to her home, to liven up her world once again. I'll miss her a great deal, but if she is safe and happy, I cannot complain.

So many people have been remembering fascinating abilities! It seems I'm among them, myself. I've recalled much more about archery, and can now use the lovely bow I received from home. I've been practicing, and it's as if I never forgot.

[Filtered to Edgeworth]
Lord Miles, how are you feeling? I hope you've managed to rest. You really do push yourself far too hard.

((1% on advanced archery; 1% on how to wield Rienfleche. 13% total; 2% unused.))

Arrow 5

Everyone's been given such incredible powers! The island certainly has been quite generous with us this time, though it seems I wasn't among the ones to be blessed. It hardly matters to me, at any rate; I've remembered so much more about my dear Lord Pent, and nothing could make me happier!

He was searching for a wife, and so many women had gathered to charm him. He wouldn't see any of the ladies until she had demonstrated a skill or talent. Everyone displayed abilities that would be fitting for the wife of a Count, from singing and dancing to poetry... I felt so very out of place, as I had none of those talents. My parents were not what one would consider to be typical nobles, and my father encouraged my love of archery instead of forcing me to study the ways of court against my will. I was thankful to him, of course; however that day was the only time I've ever felt even the slightest bit ashamed of my upbringing that I can recall.

When it was my turn, although I was filled with anxiety, I stated that my skill was with the bow, and that if he would choose me, I would protect him forevermore. The other ladies were filled with scorn and their laughter caused me to flush with embarrassment... until he spoke. I never thought I'd forget the way he smiled at me then, or his words that filled me with such joy... The gods of this place have power indeed to take such memories from me.

I'll not let that discourage me, however! Not only have I regained those precious memories, I am lucky enough to be here with my dearest Lord Pent, as well as our son. What more could I possibly ask for?

((Louise does have a superpower, she just doesn't realize it. She has mental projection, so anyone near her will feel their mood altered by her own. She's very happy right now and will likely remain that way for quite a while, so anyone that talks to her for a bit should find themselves cheering up as well, even if they were previously miserable.))

((5% used on meeting Pent. 11% total; 2% remaining.))

Arrow 4

I'm very much looking forward to the Tanabata Ball! Everyone seems to be in high spirits, and with good reason! Not only will attendees be receiving memories, but at item from our home, as well? How exciting! I wonder what I'll be given...?

[Filtered from Lloyd]
Are any of you sweet young ladies still looking for an escort? I know a very handsome and kind swordsman that is searching for someone to be his date.

Has anything like this ever happened before? I was under the impression that memories often come back after the island's events, but that it was still slightly random, and it was never a guarantee. I wonder who is in charge of the ball, that they can offer our memories as gifts for attending...?

Arrow 3

So much has happened over these past weeks, it caused me to forget about this journal! What a shame! I must really use it more often so that I can communicate with everyone here.

Is everyone back to normal now? I haven't seen any more children than usual, so the event must be over. Everyone was so adorable when they were younger! I know some people were bothered by it, but I truly enjoyed taking care of the children, and helping them when I could. Lloyd and Sasuke in particular were such sweet little boys!

Speaking of Lloyd, he and I were planning an outing around the island. I know he's already found several people to attend, but would anyone else like to join us? I'd like to know so that I can prepare lunch for all of us. If anyone at all is interested, please let one of us know!

I've remembered quite a few things, and it seems to be tied to when I was a child. My full name and my parents are now clear in my mind, as well as my love of archery. Amazing how one even forgets things that are so ingrained into one's mind and heart when they arrive here... but truly, the bonds of love can't be broken even by amnesia!

When I arrived here, I met my dear child, and he helped me to learn about this place. Now, I've also found that my husband is here with us as well! I can hardly believe it, but my heart leaves no doubt. When I first met Lord Pent here I knew that he was very, very special. We met while we were both our younger selves, and it only drew us closer... and then to find out that he is my beloved husband! I must surely be blessed to have the two of them here with me... I'm thankful every day for such luck.

I've also recently found a job! I'm now working at the courthouse as a page. It will be nice to be more active, and to meet many new people. I'm quite looking forward to it!

((1% on her last name; 1% on her mother; 1% on her father; 1% on basic archery; 1% on the house that she grew up in. 5% total; 0% remaining.))

Arrow 2

I find it hard to believe that I have been here for three weeks now. When I first arrived I was greeted so warmly, I almost felt like I was being welcomed home after a long journey! The people here are amazing, everyone getting by after having their memories taken from them... it is truly an inspiration.

I've settled in quite nicely, thanks to the kind people I've met. I've made many friends, and I look forward to getting to know everyone better! Thank you for all you've done for me, everyone!

[Private; difficult to hack]
I had just begun to accept the memory loss when I was introduced to my child. It was surprising, indeed, but... something about it feels right. I don't know how else to explain it. Even though Erk was in the form of a female when I met him here, I wasn't terribly shocked to find out that I am his mother. I can't help but be drawn to children here; it seems I have experience with being a mother, indeed.

I am happy that Erk is here, but... I honestly don't know what to make of his predicament. He seems set on believing that Lady Agrias was poisoning him in order for him to remain female, but I find that hard to believe. Although I only met her once, she gave me the sense of one very attuned to her duty, and one full of honor. I do not believe that she would do such a thing to anyone, especially someone that she cared so much about. Having only just arrived, I realize that I've missed most of what has happened, so perhaps I should just not make any judgments at all. It's hard to remain indifferent in this kind of situation, however.

I only hope Erk will come to me with his problems, and let me help as much as I can...

I've been thinking, and I would like to get a job. I'm not sure what kind of work I'd be suited for, though. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I would love to hear them!

Arrow 1

Oh goodness... this place is strange and so unfamiliar! I don't recall ever seeing it before. Ah... Oh dear, I... can't seem to recall anything at all, for that matter! How very strange!

Louise? That's all I can seem to focus on. It must be my name, I suppose. It does feel right.

Pardon me! Is there anyone around that might be able to tell me where I've ended up? I can't seem to remember anything, and it's a bit worrying. I would truly appreciate any help, it it isn't too much trouble.